The first regulated special alternative investment fund (AIF) for bitcoin farming (data center) for semi-institutional and institutional investors according to the German Investment Law (KAGB)


A private equity fund which invests in the infrastructure necessary for the mining of bitcoin via a company in Liechtenstein. The fund does not invest in the volatility of bitcoin on the market, but instead in the production of bitcoins. A functioning “farm” is already in existence which is being substantially further developed through cash inflows from the fund.

Cryptocurrency “Bitcoin”

Bitcoin are considered as safety, decentralized, unable to be taken offline, with limited withdrawal amounts


Production and thus value creation at the source


Investment in infrastructure with Bitcoin ASIC Miners with a short fund duration


Investment is based on a functioning “farm” in a “closed job” with prospects for excellent returns


Cryptography, the science of encrypting information, is of fundamental importance to digital currencies. 
This is where the name cryptocurrency comes from.

Cryptocurrencies involve privately generated money without government regulation which is transferred via a so-called Peer-to-Peer computer network. However, they are not only digitally transferred – they are also digitally created, through so-called Mining!

The first of these currencies was bitcoin.

By now, there are hundreds of additional alternative currencies (coins), so-called Altcoins.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the leading brand, the mother of cryptocurrencies on the basis of the blockchain, which was historically created as a means of payment. Bitcoin is secure, decentralized, cannot be taken offline, and accepted as a means of payment.

Worldwide, there are already about 40 million users with about 200,000 to 300,000 acceptance locations and more are continually emerging, which also means that its “intrinsic value” as a currency is constantly increasing.

The first global companies, credit card institutions, and states, e.g. Japan, are starting to accept bitcoin and have approved it as an official payment method. This is naturally a microcosm in comparison to the dollar, but it has a high level of acceptance especially in the Third World.

Risks of Bitcoin

Bitcoin could theoretically be banned worldwide by central banks or nation states. This is extremely unlikely in our opinion, however, due to its decentralization and the inability to take the currency offline.

On the contrary: by the year 2140, a determined final amount of 21 million Bitcoins will be created/mined.

Bitcoin will always be subject to volatilities over the short term, but over longer timeframes it is anticipated to continually increase in value.

Why?: Through scarcity, limited quantities, and constantly increasing acceptance as a means of payment – not just as an object of speculation.




points of acceptance

bitcoins by the year 2140


How do we / you do it, dear investors? 

Through our exclusive network with the acting persons on the one hand and access to high performance Bitcoin Miners on the other, we are investing, via a company in Liechtenstein, in a functioning mining farm of

the fund initiator which is located in an industrial building in Sweden and produces bitcoins. Through cash inflows from this fund, this data center is being substantially expanded.

Risks of Mining

There are no risks associated with the initial concept as the 1st regulated Farming Product in Germany, and by an independent capital management company with correspondingly independent raters, etc.

Potential risks would be, for example: if the mining/production costs were to be higher than the Bitcoin price (highly unrealistic), if the computing performance of our mining farm were to be too low (very unrealistic, as we 

have exclusive access to infrastructure, incl. hardware components), or if mining were to be banned in Sweden, e.g. (very unrealistic, as Sweden is a “cryptocountry” and, if this were to happen, the asset – the miner – would be rebuilt at another location/in another country).

Insurance policies have of course been taken out to cover operational risks like fire, vandalism, etc.

(More detailed information can be found in the Investment Memorandum of the Special AIF)


Via a Special AIF according to German regulations for institutional and semi-institutional investors (KAGB), not to be confused with an ICO.

Short duration (4 years). Goal investment is clearly defined, namely: an investment, via a Liechtenstein-based company, in infrastructure, incl. hardware components for the mining of bitcoins.

  • 100% Equity.
  • 30 million euro goal volume
  • Minimum investment starting at 250,000 euros


An exceptional investment opportunity with corresponding additional upside potential through:

Production costs which are substantially lower than the current bitcoin price, leading to a very margin-heavy business, which means “deep, deep value”!

The investment is based on a functioning farm which is highly specialized and, due to Bitcoin’s blockchain technology, is possible for fewer and fewer market participants with the implicit scarcity.

In 2020, a tightening of the output amount from 12.5 Bitcoins per block to 6.25 Bitcoins per block will occur, creating higher demand for bitcoins.

There is little to no correlation with traditional asset classes.

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